Where can I purchase admission?
Tickets are available here on our website via Brown Paper Tickets. If you want to purchase tickets in person, many Columbia Banks have tickets available for purchase. We also have a number of walk-up locations throughout pierce and king county where you can pick up tickets. You can find those locations here. 

When can we purchase admission and how much is it?
Buttons typically go on sale mid-October and are $10 until the day of the festival. On December 31st, admission increases to $14. There will be a special "admission" button on the top navigation bar that will contain ticket locations & special offers. Children 10 and Under are Free! 

Where is Will Call? 
Did you pre purchase your button online? Awesome! We'll have will call open by 10 am right next to the Pantages Theater. 901 Broadway, Tacoma, WA, 98402. Come by and we'll either scan your ticket or look up your name and get you your buttons! 

Where is the Information booth?
It is located next to the Pantages Theater downtown Tacoma. 901 Broadway, Tacoma, WA, 98402

What is this footprint you speak of?
First Night has several different stages located in our "footprint." Our footprint is centralized around the Broadway Center of the Performing Arts. Specifically we're on Broadway between S. 7th and S. 11th. Click this link to download a copy of our footprint map. 

Where can I buy buttons the day of the event?
Buttons can be purchased at any of our physical locations and at local Columbia Banks the day of the event, and also at our information booth (we recommend checking with a business before coming down to the information booth due to potentially long lines). Also remember everything outside is free so no button is necessary! 

Free for the military? 
Yes! We provided several hundred free buttons to Joint Base Lewis-McCord.  Admission buttons are available now at Jensen Gym and Wilson Gym. Supplies are limited so don't wait until December 31st to get them once they're gone you're out of luck!

Do you offer refunds?
We will not offer refunds for buttons purchased for the event unless the entire festival is cancelled due to weather. We understand this is potentially frustrating, but it is your responsibility to plan accordingly and make sure you understand why you are purchasing buttons. We also understand that each situation is unqiue. Feel free to reach out to us to inquire, but make sure you understand our intial stance . 

Okay... but what’s the deal with the buttons?
The buttons act as your admission into all the indoor venues during the festival hours. If you purchase or pick up your buttons in advance of the festival you’ll also have access to a number of different activities happing around Tacoma earlier in the day. You can learn about those here.

They’re also collectable. So keep them! 

If you charge admission why do you ask for donations?
Great question! First Night is actually a 501c3 organization. Ticket sales alone don’t cover the cost of the event or for the many things you as patrons don’t see. This event is put together almost entirely off of volunteer support and a small staff of contracted support. If you love what First Night does and would like to continue to see it grow, consider donating and supporting us. It’s 100% tax deductible. *Your admission to the festival is NOT tax deductible. 

Where can I park?
There are a number of parking garages and lots near the footprint of the festival, however we want to encourage as many patrons as possible to park in the Tacoma Dome parking lot and utilize the Link. The Link will be running until 1am, so you should have plenty of time to enjoy the countdown and return safely to your vehicle. 

We also want to encourage all the other forms of public transit available through Pierce Transit.

Do you do Fireworks?
Nope, frankly we just have more fun setting things on Fire. Fireworks are also terrible for the environment.  

Will we ever see the rolling heads or soap box derby again?
We always get asked this question! Every year First Night strives to bring a fantastic spectacle piece to the streets of Tacoma. We strategically try to change things up and find something else that brings you excitement. So the immediate answer is No; however, we’re never opposed to bringing things back. Is that vague enough for you? 

Where are the artists that I'm used to seeing? 
Listen, we know there are those beloved artists that have been regular mainstays with the festival for years. We love them just as much as you. However, as this festival grows  we want to continue introducing new acts and other artist that we believe are worth your attention. So we're going to be cycling artists in the future. Just because you don't see them this year doesn't mean they won't be back next. We just encourage you to continue supporting the arts and expanding your lens so that you have the opportunity to experience something new. 

What are our food options? 
Last year we had almost 10 food trucks join the festival. They had some of the most profitable days of their years. We’re committed to bringing back more this next year! Don’t forget about all the restaurants in the vicinity too. Plenty of options for both adults and kids alike. 

Why is there no alcohol?
This is a family friendly event. There will be plenty of noise already created from the music and activities. Nobody wants to deal with the extra attention booze would create. Feel free to stop by any of the fine dining establishments should you chose to imbibe. Just remember this is a family friendly event and we reserve the right to remove anyone who is or appears intoxicated.