Frequently asked questions


Where can I purchase admission?

Tickets are available here on our website via Stranger Tickets. If you want to purchase tickets in person, many Columbia Banks have tickets available for purchase. We also have a number of walk-up locations throughout pierce and king county where you can pick up tickets. You can find those locations here.

When can we purchase admission and how much is it?

Buttons typically go on sale mid-October and are $10-$12 until the day of the festival. On December 31st, admission increases to $15. There is an "admission" button on the top navigation bar that will contain ticket locations & special offers. Children 10 and Under are Free!

Where is Will Call?

Did you pre purchase your button online? Awesome! We'll have will call open by 10 am right next to the Pantages Theater. 901 Broadway, Tacoma, WA, 98402. Come by and we'll either scan your ticket or look up your name and get you your buttons!

Where is the Information Booth Located?

It is located next to the Pantages Theater Downtown, Tacoma. 901 Broadway, Tacoma, WA, 98402

What is the festival footprint?

First Night has several different stages located in our "footprint." Our footprint is centralized around the Broadway Center for the Performing Arts. Specifically First Night is held on Broadway between S. 7th, and S. 11th.

Where can I purchase buttons the day of the event?

Buttons can be purchased at any of our Physical Locations. They can also be purchased at our information booth. (We highly recommend checking with a business before heading to the information booth due to potentially long lines.) Also remember everything outside is Community Supported so no button is necessary.

Free for the Armed Services?

Complimentary buttons will be available to military families begining Saturday, December 16th at the First Night booth at Winterfest from 11AM to 5PM at the American Lake Conference Center. Remaining buttons will be at Jenson and Wilson Gyms on base until supplies run out, limited to 600.

Do you offer refunds?

We will not offer refunds for buttons purchased for the event unless the entire festival is cancelled due to weather. We understand this is potentially furstrating, but it is your responsibility to plan accordingly and make sure you understand why you are purchasing a button. We also understand that each situation is unique. Feel free to reach out to us to inquire, but make sure you understand our initial stance.


The buttons act as your admission into all of the indoor venues during festival hours! If you purchase or pick-up your buttons in advance of the festival you'll also be able to access a number of different activities happening around Tacoma throughout the day. Buttons Here

If you charge admission why do you ask for donations?

Great question! First Night is actually a 501c3 organization. Button sales alone don't cover the cost of the event. In fact, everything outside is Community Supported allowing for our patrons to experience it all without the required button. This event is put together almost entirely through the support of volunteers, and a small amount of staff. If you love what First Night does and would like to continue to see if grow, consider donating and supporting us. It's 100% tax deductable. *Your admission into the festival is NOT tax deductable*


There are a number of parking garages near the footpint of First Night. The easiest to access is next to Urban Grace Church between 9th and 11th on Market St. We also encourage folks to utilize the Link. You can park near the Tacoma Dome and use the Link for free. It'll run till 1am that day. Public transportation is encouraged!

Dogs at First Night

While it is year of the Dog, most venues will not allow patrons to bring their dogs into venues. Only Service Animals wearing their Service Animal Vests will be allowed in.

What Venues Require Buttons?

All indoor venues require buttons: The Pantages The Rialto Theater on the Square Urban Grace The Pythian Temple Lower Pythian Temple Brook Dental Studio


You can find out which museums are free with buttons by going to this link:

Is First Night 2019 really cancelled?

We are sad to say, yes it is. The Board of Director's is working hard to strengthen our funding, and will return for the 2020 First Night celebration. Ways to be involved: Volunteer to attend community events and talk about why you love First Night. Become an individual donor and help us build sustainable funding sources.