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Give a little, Get a lot

We wanted to follow up on our previous message giving you some more details about how you can help out and get involved.

Why support this event?

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you have a few reasons, and honestly we’d love to hear them!

Stella Kemper, First Night Board VP wrote about her experience with First Night.

"I don’t have a long history with First Night—the 2017-2018 celebration was my first! I moved to Tacoma in 2015, and I’m originally from Texas. Growing up as a teen in Austin, especially with most of my family being musicians, live music was a huge part of my life.

Every year, my whole family volunteered for the SXSW film, music, and interactive festivals. That experience didn’t just get me free passes to amazing concerts, it taught me professional skills, introduced me to my community, and taught me about all of the benefits of contributing to something way bigger than myself.

When a friend in December 2017 wrote a call on Facebook for volunteers to help out with First Night, I recruited my best friend, and we volunteered together. We spent the day visiting museums, and as the sun set, we headed to the Theater District. We set up signs, we assembled stands, we held back crowds at the Itidarace, and we made a dragon puppet dance! We saw amazing bands, and at midnight, we stood with a packed and freezing crowd and cheered and set 2017 on fire.

It was incredible. Not just that, for me, it was a taste of home. A whole city coming together to celebrate those things that make life good—music, and art, and food on sticks, and hot drinks in cold hands, and hope for better times to come—to me, that’s worth working for, and that’s why I agreed when I was asked to serve on the board."

We are asking you to give what you can. If you want to go that extra mile and you can’t financially support us right now, please consider sharing a message with your friends and family about what First Night means to you and ask them to support us. Even one more person on our mailing list or one new Facebook follower, helps us get the word out.

Here’s an example: “I went to my first First Night in [year]. The best part was ____________. Looking forward to ___________ makes me excited to bring back First Night! I want to get the word out—First Night won’t require a button to attend this year, but we need to raise the funds first! I’m supporting [their fundraiser, volunteering, sharing this post, following the mailing list, whatever you can!] to make that happen! You can help too, by donating [], and by following their mailing list and Facebook page to be updated about the event as it comes together. Please feel free to share this ask with your own First Night memories!”

Every First Night has resulted in:

  • A spectacular time for 10-20 THOUSAND community members and families.

  • A paycheck for 50-100 acts in the musical, visual, and performing arts—50-75% of which are all local acts or formerly-local folks returning to their hometowns.

  • One of the biggest New Year’s Eve parties in the South Sound.

  • One of the largest annual ALCOHOL FREE events in the region.

We’re proud of what we’ve done, and we’re excited to introduce new generations of Tacomans to all the fun and excitement of a block party like no other!

Until next time,

-First Night Tacoma

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