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Will you give us an hour?

Artists Matter on First Night and Every Night! Help us create opportunities for artists in our community.

Our performers make First Night an event to remember

As an organization, one of the legacies we are most proud of when it comes to the integrity of First Night as an event is how we’ve helped artists not only find a new or bigger audience for their work, but also earn a paycheck. We aren’t the best-paying gig out there, but we’re proud to say that our performers all get paid, every year!

One idea we’ve heard—in our town hall meeting in March, in comments on our Facebook page, and emails in our inbox— is whether we could make First Night more financially viable by asking our local artist community to donate their time—to perform for free, to make flyers for free, to donate art for auction.

However, several of us are artists ourselves, and for people who are often told they ‘can’t make money as an artist,’ there sure do seem to be a lot of people who value what we do when it comes time to ask us to do it for free!

Artists make our event what it is every single year. We don’t think a reasonable or sustainable solution to a deficit in funds is to ask artists to give more—what about everyone else who wants this event to happen?

What is your time worth?

What does an hour of your time mean to you? And will you give us an hour?


One hour at Pierce County minimum wage is more than our buttons have usually cost. Not only that, but First Night has live performances from 6 PM until 12 AM. That’s 6 hours of the time of our performers, our stage management, and our staff and volunteers keeping everything running smoothly.

We have, coincidentally, about 6 months until First Night 2019-2020 happens. Could you give us an hour of pay a month until then? One hour of your time for each hour of ours...

Donate here through our secure portal:

Of course, our neighbors who can’t financially give, could volunteer, help us spread the word, and most importantly, join us December 31 for a great time!

Finally, thank you so much for reading this. We know getting a sales pitch week after week is not why you signed up for this newsletter— you all asked us to ask and, it’s what we need to make First Night happen again. In the next few weeks, look out for profiles of our new board members, news about the fundraising campaign, and more! Please, spread the word however you can.

To your health, First Night

*Theater District Associates, who produce First Night Tacoma, is a 501c3 organization, and all donations are tax deductible. Our secure donation platform, Snowball, will provide you with all the tax information needed to claim a donation on your taxes.*

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